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Technology Development & Innovation

Marketing communications has evolved a lot and is going through on-going change at a very fast pace. The emerging media is highly personal than our yesteryear mass mediums. Hence the approach to communication has gone through a total revival clearing the untargeted masses saving time and cost. Now that the consumer is more in control and the strategies in fact originate from them, interactive mediums are the truly effective ones.

This means that engaging our prospects in a meaningful conversation is what we are getting good at. Buyer behaviour research has now converged with the process of sales itself. A prudent marketer is one that considers and treats the consumer as people who are highly aware and more knowledgeable.

Building interactive mediums are both creatively and technologically challenging. We have expert visualizers and programmers working on original world-class products and come up with totally alternative approach to interactive communication, other than utilizing the existing multimedia and web options industriously. We bring your ideas to life through innovative technology and digital formatting skills delivering the most up-to-date and valuable solutions. grow.

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Rich Media Applications

Any business requires a massive amount of research and analysis; our solutions are based on understanding this necessity for survival in the industry. The internet continues to be the biggest source of research, now even better with social networking.

Crabiz has recommended some of the most revolutionary technologies to our clients using real world applications. We deploy reliable and high speed in-page or in-text digital video streaming ads, floating banners, tear-backs and page take-overs on the web. Interactive television is one of the latest applications that are gaining popularity. Although, rich media applications are not limited to the digital and electronic media, other forms of communication are becoming highly interactive now. Rich media has been increasingly used in mobile applications and has been proved relatively more successful to many marketers.

TVideo gaming is one of the highest degrees of rich media applications. It has improved message association and purchase intent increasingly as it feeds multiple data to the user without the need to divert them to another location for more info. Our customized solutions give you the choice to create bespoke rich media advertisements to fit your brand objectives. We are always on the lookout for newer innovations to make business communication. our clients. Project managers, who analyse the functionalities of your business, work along with you providing information consultation, corporate presentations and studies to support our strategies, for your understanding.

e-learing Technology  Development  &  Innovation
e- Learning

Our e-learning development solutions deliver a interactive cost-effective tool for flexible professional learning. Our rapid authoring tools and consulting services also help you build and maintain your own program. We have a highly qualified team of professionals who guide you with the quality checking of the e-learning programs in your organization and are available for help and support throughout.

We have worked across verticals such as health care, education, hospitality, IT, FMCG and automotives in providing a comprehensive learning experience to help their employee with cope with change management, communication of new company policies and procedures and access performance gaps by implementing leading learning interventions. The radical courseware with review and feedback modules is highly interactive with a non-linear approach and proactive virtual lab and exercise will meet your company’s special training and development needs.

An exceptional assortment of knowledge management portfolio partnering with your business objectives brings about the right solution for you. This will improve your business performance and product efficiency while saving on your training costs without compromising on quality or effectiveness. Our highly customized e-learning strategies have been very successful meeting a huge range of business needs.