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onlinemarketing Commerce  <br>&  <br>Online  Strategy
onlinemarketing2 Commerce  <br>&  <br>Online  Strategy

Impelling innovations such as electronic transactions, fund transfers, banking, online processing, electronic data interchange, inventory management and what not, are running our lives today. We cannot deny the fact that Internet plays a major role in any business transaction today. While our primary concern is here is of premium content on our website (from product navigation to order tracking) to accelerate the same, the ultimate objective is to establish a discreet e-commerce presence.

We facilitate the entire technical and financial process of e-commerce on your website, including business-to-business as well as business-to-customer relationships, making use of the latest technologies to maintain it up-to-date and enhance customer satisfaction.

Our flexible solutions, lets you pick and choose modules you think is apt for your business. This in turn helps you streamline your processes and increase productivity to higher standards.

The future of advertising as we see it is going places, quite literally, with more mobility and interactivity. Advertising will always survive, through every age of new technologies and mediums. That’s the beauty of the merger between creativity and technical know-how, they evolve together and progress.

We provide optimized online strategies to target the right audience delivering profitable new customers to your site, thus saving time and money for you.
We keep the prospective customer engaged across different platforms with an interesting as well as persuasive interaction enough to ensure that they are retained from time to time.

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search engine optimization ( seo )
The game is about who gets right on top! When there are gazillion sites that compete for the consumers’ attention how do you get it first? Simply by appearing right where and when they are looking for you.

An exceedingly large amount of traffic drives into your site through search engines. Potential customers locate you through their search and your visibility and search rankings go a long way in determining the traffic to your website. This is the greatest resource any solution can give you. Our exceptional understanding of the internet help us tune your website content perfectly to meet the criteria and keep you ahead of your competitors.

We believe that as fantastic we develop your website; you are only as good as your place in the search results of your prospects. We have been considered one of the best buyers and negotiators in paid searches and feed management. But we consider our ability to be highly creative in finding new ways to optimize your ranking is our biggest advantage.

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Mobile Application Development
Mobile already is the most preferred method of discovering, consuming and sharing information. We at crabiz not only make your website responsive, which adapts to different gadgets and platforms seamlessly but also build stand alone applications which produces tangible business benefits.Our coding processes are unique and robust and we have a proven experience in providing a great user experience. From developing native to hybrid applications across IOS, Android and Windows platforms, we provide complete end to end services with respect to mobile application development.
The ultimate goal is to make user interaction simple and efficient and our focus lies completely on the user experience and interaction.

The tools are available but the process is what makes us what we are. By bringing about a balance between technical functionality and graphic designing, we develop thoroughly futuristic interfaces that are effective as well as adaptable to changing needs.

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mobile-app-1-1 Commerce  <br>&  <br>Online  Strategy
Social Media & web analytics
Social networking is the fad today. There is no better place to build an endearing conversation with the prospects than through social media marketing campaigns. This is a central part of our integrated marketing approach as we fully understand the power it has to bring increased brand exposure and improve your search engine rankings incredibly. With really our wacky ideas and strategies, we take unlimited advantage of this medium.We employ Facebook, twitter and all other social media specialists for creating newer ways to attract the attention of your target group and encourage them to read and involve in related conversations happening. The viral effect of this is infinite because the source of the message is not advertising in nature, as this happens between users. Our flair lies in creating an entertaining message enough to induce the user to share it across their network. Enhanced brand awareness and reputation is a cake walk in this medium once you know your way through.

Social influence marketing does not rely on infotainment sharing and peer pressure alone, it is about having an online social personality for the brand, so young and vibrant. We can broadcast behind the scene stories on Youtube, related groups and forums on popular sites, keep in touch with the consumers through blogs and receive feedback and ideas from them. All it takes is an effort to be open and out there to be a lively and noticeable participant in an already happening conversation online.

Our web analytics will give you data on the traffic that your site receives, in quantity and quality of prospects. So you get an idea on your target group, who are attracted commonly and the effect of your advertising, click rates and the purchase conversions. We have custom tools and use meticulous methods to measure the patterns and behaviour.

In this age of information and data, there is a huge need for research and statistics. The internet is foolproof in this regard; every person who has visited your site can be traced and studied. We determine the success of your online presence and redefine the strategies required by identifying influential elements and give an overall solution.