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consulting-img-3 Business Consulting

Our relationships with numerous organizations in the past have given us a wide exposure to various industries. We are aware of the best practices in every one of them, in several situations. Although, we understand that every business in special in its own way and personalize our solutions according to your unique needs.

Our specialists with marketing strategy experience provide objective consulting and advice for your marketing needs, existing business problems and suggest development plans, after analysing your company in-depth.

Our expert business consulting services improves your brand performance as well as aid internal change management. This includes operational improvements, technology implementations, strategy planning, workflow analysis, systems analysis and design. We serve you with a highly qualified team of professional marketing and business consultants to provide you with guidance supported by online resources, helping your business grow.

reasearch Business Consulting
Research & Analysis
Any business requires a massive amount of research and analysis; our solutions are based on understanding this necessity for survival in the industry. The internet continues to be the biggest source of research, now even better with social networking.

We take care of every aspect of researching including, trend analysis, emerging markets, potential consumers, international opportunities, competitor analysis, data gathering and database management. Trust us to take care of on-going research while you can concentrate on other business issues.

The qualitative and quantitative research methodologies used by our experienced business analysts have helped us provide valuable solutions to our clients. Project managers, who analyse the functionalities of your business, work along with you providing information consultation, corporate presentations and studies to support our strategies, for your understanding.

businessautomation Business Consulting
Business Automation
Crabiz offers a business automation system that can be accessed quickly from any location. This significantly amplifies the efficiency of your business reducing operating costs due to the increased quality and pace of production.

The availability of accurate information on time also increases your production capacity, ultimately improving your profits. Access to and storage of data from a centralized location helps the system to automate most tasks making your business easy to manage.

Our business automation system includes management of customer relations, leads, orders, contracts, accounting and billing, project development, cost analysis, warehouse and inventory, internal communication, processes, quality control and financial analysis. It also includes human resources management viz. recruitments, time tracking and e-learning. We customize your automation system addressing exceptionally to the needs of your organization.