The Indispensable 4 P 's

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Promotion Branding
Our branding strategies do not limit to advertising alone, but involves around the 4 ‘P’ of product development, pricing, positioning and all forms of promotions. We follow various methodologies like variability analysis, customer segmentation, asset utilization and value chain efficiency in the process. We utilize our resources and capabilities to involve ourselves strategically into your business and its values. 

Our business consulting experience with many brands helps construct an exclusive positioning strategy for you among your competition. We believe that the creative aspects such as catchy colours and smart content are as important as the technical elements and the scientific approach in escalating your brand performance. More than anything the media planning, how and when the message is delivered to the target audience is what matters the most. But once the characteristics and behaviour of the consumers are understood, it is easier to plan the communication methods or channels. 

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With the advent of innumerable digital advertising methods and mediums, is traditional advertising is dead already? Not really. We strongly believe that mass advertising still works best in traditional methods.

The glamour and sheen of such advertising has never declined. But the sheer range of services that can be derived at by merging it with digital communication is huge. With an increasing number of mediums to reach the target audiences, advertising has almost become the sole warrior in promoting as well as branding communications.

We at crabiz have the resources to craft extraordinary creatives using traditional advertising strategies. We are specialists at creating the best print advertisements on newspapers, magazines and journals, television commercials and radio jingles, below the line materials such as brochures, flyers and pamphlets, outdoor mediums such as billboards, posters, vehicular advertising and exhibitions and also direct mailing. We also have an intuitive knowledge of handling online and offline mediums and provide integrated advertising at its best.

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Brand Building Promotions
Brand Building Promotions require a lot of consumer research as well as imagination to accomplish a strategic purpose. Our creative minds look for inspiration and exercise originality to create brand-centric promotions that have desired effect on sales as well as branding at the same time. Promotion branding is a tactical temporary work that aids long term branding strategies as a strong communication tool when used appropriately.

Whether it is a discount offer or low pricing sale, promotion is very short termed and creates urgency of sale, while branding helps consumers predict your products and its potential in the future, making it a long term continuous process. Promotion branding is thus a very sensitive task to handle. Credible promotions aid branding, else it could backfire.

Our promotion strategies are well justified, based on your brand persona and its completely unique from competitor brands at any point of time. This is an essential step in your brand building process that we take care of with ease.